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September 3rd - November 26th, 2021


Women | Matter curated by Francesca Giubile and Luca Berta.

With Barbara Pelizzon, Naomi Eller, Renata Adela & Wendy Krochmal

Location: SPARC* - Spazio Arte Contemporanea

Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10 am - 6 pm, open Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Free admittance.

Save the date: on Friday 3rd, the artists will be present in the gallery from 6.30 pm to 8 pm.

On October 2nd, join the installative performance created by the dancer Alessandra Miotti on the occasion of the VeniceArtNight 2021.

Women | Matter

An exhibition with four female voices. Don't expect them to be sweet and melodic, though. They are more like the wild howls of a she-wolf.
Lea Vergine, art critic of the seventies, wrote: "It is useless for the viewer to look for something in the vision of a work of art that will comfort her. She will only find something that will tear her apart. It will be up to her to decide how to use it".
Sure, you say, but those were years of social, political and ideal struggles!
Perhaps these present years are not equally so?

The voice of these four artists rises in unison to make us flinch. Sharp shards of porcelain are there to hurt us, shapeless heaps of pottery and woolen casings writhing, crawling across the floor. The work, even when it comes in the form of small votive idols, is not a soothing balm, but an amplifier of shadows. "Art", Lea Vergine explained, "is not a matter of respectable people".

Francesco Allegretto

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