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May 7th - November 22nd 2015


The Dialogue of Fire: Ceramic + Glass Masters from Barcelona to Venice. 

Location: Palazzo Tiepolo Passi, San Polo 2774, 30125 Venice.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed on Sundays.

Curators: Luca Berta, Francesca Giubilei + Didier Guillon. 

Contemporary artworks in ceramic and glass fabricated respectively at the Artigas Foundation in Gallifa (Catalonia), and in Murano. The core of the exhibition is a collection of 30 ceramic plates made in Gallifa by acclaimed masters such as Antoni Tàpies, Eduardo Chillida and Barry Flanagan, and emerging artists such as Frederic Amat, Isao and Jane Lebesque.Two other rooms host site-specific works:  an installation of glass pillows by Judi Harvest and a collection of unexpected objects transformed into glass by Silvano Rubino. 


The fire of contemporary art can burn anywhere, even in the design of everyday objects like plates, tea pots, drinking glasses, vases, decoration objects, souvenirs, or pillows. Fire is also the connecting element between the two materials used in the exhibition: ceramic and glass. The Dialogue of Fire shows contemporary artworks in ceramic and glass fabricated respectively at the Artigas Foundation in Gallifa (Catalonia), and in Murano, through the collaboration between artists (the fire of ideas) and artisans (the fire of creation).


A fourth room connecting the other three represents the space where The Dialogue of Fire is embodied. Rubino and Harvest from the Venetian side, and Joan Gardy Artigas and Isao Llorens Ishikawa from the Catalan, present a collective installation incorporating each artist’s artistic personality with the ceramic and glass materials to create an unpredictable and captivating interaction.


Everyday life has a fragile beauty, which can be easily broken or overshadowed by routine. The artists of The Dialogue of Fire use the fragility of glass and ceramic as a metaphor to enhance and capture this beauty. Delicate artworks populate the rooms of the inhabited palace, drawing the visitor’s attention to the fact that each object and each moment in our lives can forge a pathway of new meaning, through the fire of art. 


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