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May 12th - July 11th 2017


The Boy in a Box by Anthony Corner and Jonathan Hickman.
Curated by Francesca Giubilei + Luca Berta.
Catalogue text by Reverend Dr. Richard Davey.

Location: Zattere Studio 51, Fondamenta delle Zattere ai Saloni, Dorsoduro 51, 30123 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed on Tuesdays

VeniceArtFactory is pleased to invite you to the exhibition The Boy in a Box, an integration with images by Anthony Corner and sound by Jonathan Hickman. The show will be on display in Venice, during the Art Biennale, at Zattere Studio, Dorsoduro 51, until July 11th. 

This exhibition is an integration of sound and image assembled from Anthony Corner’s drawings, paintings, textiles and words with an original score composed by Jonathan Hickman. This collaboration has allowed both artists to explore shared themes of memory, inclusion, exclusion, wayfinding and loss.


Anthony Corner’s imagery is made up of a series of drawings on paper and paintings on board that demonstrate a uniquely articulate combination of tactile surface and drawn mark making. Developed over the last two years, these works balance impasto surfaces with allegorical imagery and an autobiographical narrative. Anthony was trained as a fine artist but is not limited to that medium and uses a range of textiles and specialist embroidery to develop a layered experience that takes the viewer on a personal yet universal journey.


Jonathan Hickman’s hour long score is an eclectic layering of the human voice with a range of instruments and sounds that expresses the composer’s singular ear. An harmonic and lyrical exploration of powerful themes, this sonically sophisticated piece encapsulates the tensions at the heart of The Boy In A Box.

Presented in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale, the exhibition is accompanied by an essay written by Reverend Dr. Richard Davey, who has written extensively for artists such as Anslem Kiefer and the Royal Academicians. This piece of writing, which was created in a dialogue with Corner and Hickman, is available in the exhibition catalogue.


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