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May 9th 2019 - July 7th 2019

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The Synesthesia of Shapes by Yoje Dondich.

Location: Spazio Ravá - San Silvestro Gallery, San Polo 1100, 30125 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed Monday.

The Synesthesia of Shapes by Mexican artist Yoje Dondich is an exhibition in collaboration with We Exhibit that explores the artist's abstract works created over the last 25 years illustrating the evolution of her defining artistic style.

La sinestesia de las formas by Yoje Donich presents a selection of artworks that together represent a repertoire of the various formal explorations in painting developed by the artist and guided by colour, shape, geometric form, gesture and brushstroke.


Dondich's career can be synthesised in three main phases, starting with 1980 to 1998 when the artist first began to develop her style via compositions characterised by a surreal and self-referential language. In 2000 she entered the second phase of her artistic journey and created a collection of oil paintings that powerfully incorporate a figurative language and continue to build on the surreal elements previously touched upon. Thirdly is the artist's most recent body of works, which illustrate a predominantly abstract language and play a pivotal role in the exhibition of La sinestesia de las Formas, acting as the protagonists of the show that marks the first time that Dondich is making herself known in the art world outside of Mexico.


The works exhibited show the evolution of the artist's journey, from piece characterised by the incorporation of surrealistic and geometric elements with a strong focus on colour, to dynamic yet latent movements and different plans that reach new and wider perspectives.


The exhibition is in partnership with We Exhibit.

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