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May 19 - June 18, 2023


Auto-Exotic Group Show: all locations are open everyday except on Tuesdays, 11:00 > 19:00, free admittance

- SPARC* - Spazio Arte Contemporanea

- SPUMA - Space for the Arts

- San Sebastiano Bowls Club

- Des Bains 1900 Luxury Beach Club

Details at

The fourth edition of the Venice Design Biennial presents its programme of live exhibitions from May 19 to June 182023. Once again, we weave the relationship between contemporary design and some evocative places in Venice, in parallel with the Architecture Biennale.

The theme of this edition, proposed by the curators and founders of the project Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, is Auto-Exotic. The traditional concept of exoticism, steeped in stereotypes, is rethought through the lens of design. The exhibition programme unfold across four different locations, along with the Collateral Projects.

Designers on show in the Main Group Exhibition: Ada Sokół for Moooi, Aina Kari, Andrea Grecucci for Vaspaar, Alissa Volchkova for SWING Design Gallery, Alves Ludovico, Anna Jožová for Umprum, Anna Resei, Arianna De Luca, Arjan van Dal, AstoriDePontiAssociati for Tubes, Barbara Schweizer, Balzer Balzer, Bom Noh, Chen-Yu Wang, Chris Fusaro, Coco Brun, Corpus Studio, Coth Studio, Daniel Nicolovski, Duyi Han, Elena Salmistraro for Scapin Collezioni, Elisa Ossino Studio, Ebba Lindgren, Estúdio Bloco A + Johé Bruneau, Hi Kyung Eun, Francesco Maria Messina, Galapagos, Ghalib Alsaid, GROOVIDO, Gōngzuò by Alessandra Negri, Heger et Demumieux, Ivi van Keulen, Jaykishan Mistry, Jonas Hejduk, Joseph Algieri, Lin Fanglu for Objective Gallery, Leo De Carlo for Vetralia Collectible, Lionel Jadot, Logua Family by Julia Ionova, Lucia Massari, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for Purho, Maria Risueño Dominguez, Matteo Cibic for altreforme, Maxwell Fertik, Millim Studio, Natalia Criado, Nicola Di Froscia, Nicolette de Waart, Steven K. Tucker for Abbozzo Gallery, Paolo Marasi, Paritzki&Liani for Purho, Polymorf, Riccardo Cenedella, Riccardo Rizzetto, Roberto Sironi for Carwan Gallery, RUDA Studio, Sara Ricciardi, Studio Eidola, Studio Mau Mau, StudioNotte for Naya, Studio Terre, Studio Yongwon, Sven Jansse, Tadeáš Podracký, Tamar Hadechian, Trent Jansen, Satyendra Pakhalé for Tubes, Zakaria Rugs, Yung Kim.

Collateral Projects: full details at

- Materica. Tra design e saper fare

Exhibition project by [e]Design Festival, curated by Paola Bellin, Luciano Setten

- Material II (from June 11 to 18)

Exhibition project by Estonian Design House, curated by StudioAine

- Behind the Patch (from May 18 to June 3)

Presentation of the new works by João Lacerda Moreira at Fabio and Davide Novello Showroom

- Dinner with Parajanov

Installation dedicated to the film director and artist Sergei Parajanov (1924- 1990), curated by Irina


- Terramobile

Cultural program to discover the Venetian lagoon on traditional boats. Organised by Wigwam Venice Lab, curated by Chiara Famengo and Giovanni Cecconi

Giacomo Gandola, Veronika Motulko

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