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February 19th - April 30th, 2021


TENEBRA by g. olmo stuppia - solo exhibition

Location: SPARC* - Spazio Arte Contemporanea, San Marco 28282/A

Google maps link.

Opening hours:  This show is currently open to the public just for professional visits by appointment. 

(Up to four people at time in the exhibition space). 

Opening: February 19th at 5 pm (limited access in compliance with Covid protocol).

VeniceArtFactory in collaboration with Contemporis ETS supports the official publication of “Tenebra: Per un’escavazione della contemporaneità”, out from July 2022 (Link).

Read more about the book launch event on February 12, 2023.

Tenebra is the first solo exhibition of g. olmo stuppia in Venice, on view at SPARC* - Spazio Arte Contemporanea. Two voices of an unconventional Venice that have encountered history are told: a water-taxi driver from Giudecca Island who carried around on his boat Togliatti, Kruscev, Richard Nixon, Roman Polanski, when they were in Venice; and a painter based in the neighbourhood of Santa Marta who, for decades, painted his idea of beauty and is now living in a small studio with his paintings as only companions. In his pockets he always carries two letters, one signed by Paul Newman, the other by Frank Sinatra, who bought his works a long time ago. 

Using videos, sculptures, children toys and calculated light effects the Sicilian-Milanese artist invades the exhibition space with a unique "atmosferology" (as mentioned by Martin Heidegger and Tonino Griffero), putting it together with two voices of an ancient yet current Venice, that of Giustiniano Brunato, water-taxi driver, and of the painter Armando Bozzola. By reconnecting to studies that deconstruct the mitopoiesis of Christianity, the Carla Lonzi’s feminist poetic and Heinrich Wolfflin’s architectural vision, Stuppia deals with Venice, its city of adoption, with the profound admiration and astonishment that you might experience during a catastrophe. 

Tenebra (darkness) spreads like aa song soaked with real contemporaneousness, slipping out of the terrorist trends of a "terrorist West" (Noam Chomsky). 

To sail through the plague and sublimate darkness.

Watch the short video and read more about the exhibition on Artribune, Exibart, My Art Guides and

Elena Andreato

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