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July 1st - August 13th, 2023


Passeggiata di Scardanelli in Carso (Scardanelli's walk in Karst), solo show by Mario Sillani Djerrahian

Curated by Gabriella Cardazzo and Giuliana Carbi

July 1st > August 13th, 2023

Mon-Fri, 10-6 (closed on weekends and bank holidays)

Free admittance

Opening: July 1st at 6.30 pm

SPARC* - Spazio Arte Contemporanea , Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco 2828a

Scardanelli, or an Italianism for "being off the hinges," is the name Friedrich Hölderlin gave himself to sign the poems he wrote in the latter part of his life, which he spent in a kind of internment for the mentally ill in a tower along the Neckar River. A true exchange of identity, including literary identity.

Mario Sillani Djerrahian seeks to mimic with this series of works, collected in the exhibition Scardanelli's Walk in Karst, the walks that the supreme Romantic poet used to take to find peace and refuge in nature, translating them to the Karst of Trieste, which becomes for Sillani the pretext for probing the existential aspect of being, of being, on the path.

To traverse the landscape is to possess it; it is on the path, which like the clearing receives more light, the manifestation of what we are becomes more evident, and it is there that we ascertain that we are.

Courtesy of the artist

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