September 5 - 12, 2020


Lamentation, Flux and an Empty Bladder by Anthony Corner.


Location: Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory, San Marco 2810

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Opening hours: 10 am - 6 pm, closed on Sundays.

Due to the current situation, we kindly ask you to wear your mask, register at the front desk and let us measure the temperature. A maximum of six people is allowed inside the exhibition room. Thank you.

The silent sounds of Martin Daske and Leonardo Cimolin will be on display from 5 to 12 September on the occasion of the duo exhibition “Waves and Tones”, at the noble floor of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, on the occasion of the fourth edition of The Venice Glass Week. The colored neons of the German composer Daske resonate in the room like his twelve-tone compositions. The 12 vase-sculptures by Cimolin answer him, which in their heterogeneity metaphorically refer to the 12 notes of atonal music. The two have already had the opportunity to collaborate for the realization, in 2018, of the three-dimensional musical compositions by Daske, “Foliants”, for which Cimolin has created dozens of small elements and lampwork details in glass. On that occasion too, glass gave shape and space to music, as happens today in this room of the Conservatory, a historic Venetian institution for the teaching and dissemination of musical culture. 

Martin Daske studied composition in the USA at Dartmouth College with Christian Wolff, in Krakow and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with Prof. Boguslaw Schaeffer. Alongside his more traditional compositions, Daske developed a form of three-dimensional notation ("Foliants") and another in 2010 (" Notensetzen "(setting notes)). In 2002 he founded the duo “Die Klangschürfer“ (“The Sound Diggers”) with the vocal artist Rainer Rudloff. Daske has created countless Hörspiele and other radio works (most recently: "Don't leave your bags unattended" (2019)), sound installations ("Heim @ klingt" (2015)), Hörspiele for children, music for theater and film ( eg: “Lunik“ (2006/2007) and "Je voudrais être légère" (Dance Theater, Marseille 2008/2009)). Since 1989 he is one of the artistic directors of the concert series "Unerhörte Musik" in Berlin. Daske has been running his own production studio since 1993: tribord studio During his career he has won numerous awards and participated in group and solo exhibitions in Germany and Italy. 

Leonardo Cimolin has always worked with glass, refining different techniques and making his knowledge available to other artists who are approaching glass for the first time. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad including: Murrino Glass, Murano Glass Museum, Italy, Art of Glass - Villa Necchi Campigli, Milan, Valmont - Collection-d’artistes - Paris, 2012; Glasstress Gotika - Venice, Italy, ONUFRI XXI, SiO2 - The Reason of Fragility, Tirana, Albania, GlassFever, Contemporary art in glass, Dordrecht, Holland, 2015; Historical Harchives Museum of Hidra, Greece, Murano Oggi, Murano Glass Museum, Italy, ART STAYS - Ptuy - Slovenija, 47th Glass Art Society - GAS - Berengo Foundation - Murano, Italy, 2018. He has collaborated with Pharell Williams, Jan Fabre, Liu Jianhua, Zhang Huan, Loris Cecchini, Jan Fabre, Whitney McVeigh, Jason Martin, Mimmo Paladino, Cornelia Parker, Helen Storey, Joyce J. Scott, Francesco Gennari, Sabine Wiedenhofer, Wael Shawky , Petah Coyne, Maria Roosen, Sudarshan Shetty, Rosslynd Piggott and Martin Daske.