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February 16th - March 12th, 2023


Navigating the city, The Creative Room #3 by a.topos Venice

Curated by Lucia Trevisan, Fernanda Andrade

Artists on show:  Jo Blin, Sève Favre, Anne Solange Gaulier, Lotte Hubmann, Roberto Maria Lino, Giorgia Lo Faso, Maria Mayer, Marco Mandorlini, Mira Mink, Anna Valeriya Mikhaylova, Eliel David Pérez Martínez, Olga Trebuhina, Silvia Vecchiato.

Opening event
15 February, 2023 from 6 pm to 8 pm offered by Birraria La Corte

Opening hours 
Tuesday - Sunday / 10am - 6pm


VENICEARTFACTORY, Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco 2828a, 30124 Venezia VE Maps


Accademia ACTV Line 1
San Samuele ACTV Line 1

Social media 

Facebook: a.topos Venice 
Instagram: a.topos Venice
LinkedIn: a.topos Venice

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a.topos Venice is pleased to present the third edition of THE CREATIVE ROOM, an initiative created by the Curatorial Collective to promote emerging creatives, following its commitment to enhance their visibility by providing an exhibition space to selected artists in the venetian contemporary art scene. 

For the exhibition of 2023, the curators are inviting artists to address the thematic NAVIGATING THE CITY.

A city is an endless source of subjects/ objects for artists. It is a fertile ground for either an anthropological gaze in research for the different social characters that inhabit the space or for someone interested in hovering around touched by the flaneur flair. 
Along these lines, how does a city create possibilities and constraints? In which ways is it continually constructed and deconstructed by its inhabitants and passersby? Are some cities becoming reduced to a backdrop in the era of mass tourism? What are the strategies to reclaim public space?

For the third edition, the curatorial collective had the esteemed collaboration of the curators Antonio Caruso, Martina Cavallarin and Miguel Mallol.

Exhibition curated by a.topos Venice, THE CREATIVE ROOM #3 has been organized in collaboration with Venice Art FactoryDemoni Danzanti creative residency and Venice Curatorial Course

Cristina Cappellari

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