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April 15 - June 22, 2024


Maria Kreyn. Chronos

by Ministry of Nomads Foundation

Curator: Maria Vega

Artist: Maria Kreyn

Open everyday 11am - 8 pm during the opening week of the Biennale 

Normally open Wednesday to Monday,11am- 7pm

Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays morning

Address: St. George's Anglican Church, Campo San Vio, Dorsoduro, 30123 - Google maps link

Free admittance


Ministry of Nomads (MoN) Foundation is pleased to present "Chronos", a solo presentation featuring the work of Maria Kreyn. Organized by Maria Vega and MoN Foundation, this collateral event of the 60th international art exhibition at the Venice Biennale is staged in St. George’s Anglican Church and includes 10 monumental new oil paintings. 

"Chronos" welcomes viewers into an immersive meditation on the materiality of time, the turbulent flow of weather, and our essential, fragile human connection with the atmosphere. Maria Kreyn’s landscapes present luminous vortexes in which flat planes of prismatic geometry intersect painterly, atmospheric space. These angular structures lens the canvas, as though folding time-space to coalesce in a central ovoid shape.

Francesco Russo. Courtesy Maria Kreyn

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