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April 19 - July 7, 2024


Infinity Art

by Pahsi Lin

Curators: Gaetano Delli Santi, Stefano Soddu

Artist: Pahsi Lin

Open Wednesday to Monday, closed on Tuesdays

11am - 7 pm

Free admittance

Address: Cavana ai Gesuati, Rio Terrà Foscarini 909/c, Dorsoduro (as part of Centro Culturale Don Orione) - Google Maps Link

Website: |

Five years after the major retrospective at the Villa Reale in Monza (2019), Taiwanese artist Pahsi Lin returns to exhibit in Italy. 

During the first three months of the Biennale Arte 2024, the master will exhibit in Venice about 20 paintings belonging to the "Infinity Art" series, created for the occasion and witnessing his latest artistic experimentation and research. The exhibition curated by Gaetano Delli Santi and Stefano Soddu runs from April 19 to July 7 in the striking vaulted hall of the Cavana ai Gesuati.

Pahsi Lin (Kaohsung Pingtung-Taiwan, 1960) is a painter and sculptor of great quality whose work builds a bridge between Eastern and Western spirit. His paintings testify to a deep knowledge of Western abstractionism--learned in part through the work of masters from earlier generations, such as Ho Kan--and at the same time lead back to ancient Chinese art, such as through the sophisticated citations of traditional artifacts or the rediscovery of particular color techniques.

Pahsi Lin revives the art of the 'literati,' a type of painting characterized by a union of painting and calligraphy that became established under the Yuan Emperor (1271-1368) and gave rise to a refined art form characterized by the skillful use of ink, rhythmic brushstrokes, and bold use of color.  Lin creates compositions that are only seemingly random, where the conflict, the contrast between idealism and realism, between the profound and the superficial, shines through.

A very important element that characterizes his works is the skillful and refined use of gold, also a witness to an ancient art that he combines with colored inks and pigments made from special and rare minerals from all over the world.

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