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October 22nd - November 29th, 2022


Helio: El Taller de Mike curated by Leslie Moody Castro

Artists on show: Mike Counahan, Eunice Adorno, Silvana Agostoni, Tomás Casademunt, Fernando Etulain, Guillermo Espinosa, Gerardo González, Pilar Goutas, Fernanda de Icaza, Magali Lara, Carlos Iván Hernandez, Andrea Martínez, Rafael Martinez, Fabiola Menchelli, Alejandro Pintado, Jorge Rosano, Carla Rippey, Uriel Salas, Miguel Angel Salazar, Martin Soto Climent, Laureana Toledo, Yvonne Venegas, Mariana Yazbek, Sergio Yazbek, and Tamara Goutas.

Location: SPACE DD47, Fondamenta Zattere Ai Saloni 47, 30123, Dorsoduro-Venezia. Google maps link.

Official opening: October 22, from 3pm to 8pm. From 6pm to 8pm a cocktail will be served. 

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday (Tuesdays closed), 11am-6pm. Free entry.

Media inquiries:

Online catalogue available at this link

Instagram account: @eltallerdemike

Helio: El Taller de Mike is a group exhibition of artists living and working in Mexico City who have employed the use of traditional heliogravure in their practice. 

Dating back to the 19th century, heliogravure is a photographic printing process where a copper plate is exposed to a film-positive, then etched, and run through a traditional printing press that leaves an image on paper. As technology and access rapidly increased — particularly the speed of silver-gelatin printing and consistently evolving smartphone technology of the 21st century — heliogravure began to lose popularity, becoming an antiquated and somewhat obsolete process.

However, Heliogravure has seen a resurgence in recent years, and particularly in Mexico City as the workshop of artist and photographer Miguel Counahan has operated as a collaborative space for artists to learn the medium and process, and apply it to their own work.

Helio: El Taller de Mike, is divided into two parts. The first is an exhibition of work by artists selected to visually interpret the soujourn of a Stoic — a narrative journey of the artist Miguel Counahan himself. The second section illustrates the physical process of heliogravure itself through a selection of images, copper plates, positives, and tests done by all the artists who have passed through the studio, El Taller de Mike.

Courtesy El Taller de Mike, Mexico City

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