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April 9th - October 2nd, 2022


The cultural foundation SUMUS inaugurates its new Venetian home La Fucina del Futuro with the exhibition “From Chaos to Harmony”.

Artists on show: VAL - Valérie Goutard, Sébastien Lilli, and Brigitte Moreau Serre.

Location: Castello 5063B, Calle S. Lorenzo, Venice
Google Maps link.

Exhibition extended - new opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 7pm. Free admittance.

Opening: April 8, 3 pm press preview followed by a cocktail at 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Participation upon reservation at

For more information please download the press kit here.

Press Office: MAY Venice

Claudia Malfitano

"From Chaos to Harmony" explores the transformative potential of art in awakening our consciences through the works of three international artists: VAL - Valérie Goutard, Sébastien Lilli, and Brigitte Moreau Serre.

The exhibition is based on the rich symbology behind the number 7: it evokes the progressive scale, the degrees of consciousness, the 7 skies, and the 7 stages of the journey of initiation. The three artists will offer us three different and complementary illustrations that address the heart, mind, and body in which the number 7 recurs: VAL - Valérie Goutard with her avant-garde sculpture in 7 scenes entitled "From Chaos to Wisdom"; Sébastien Lilli with 7 videos extracted from his saga "From Chaos to Harmony"; and finally Brigitte Moreau Serre with her 7 sensory experiments.

VAL's sculpture is the 1:5 scale version of her masterpiece "From Chaos to Wisdom" that Val sculpted before embarking on the challenge of enlarging this monumental sculpture up to a length of 36 meters – being installed on a hill overlooking the city of Taichung in Taiwan and becoming one of the largest contemporary bronze sculptures in the world. 

After over 5 years spent writing and filming, Sébastien Lilli offers us with the documentary "From Chaos to Harmony" a reading of the fundamental laws of life, a journey of the soul that invites us to understand our world, our Universe, the Nature and Ourselves... and asking ourselves how we got to where we are.

Brigitte Moreau Serre's 7 sensory experiments illustrate the philosophical path and development of her work as a painter-sculptress with a foray into the digital world, up to a contemplative immersion. 

The exhibition will be followed by a dense and diversified series of vital and cultural activities – on agricolture, education, health, environment, nutrition, technology, crafts – that SUMUS is developing to collaborate and exchange with actors operating in the Venetian archipelago. With this first project Sumus clearly shows its intention to facilitate the opening of our conscience to create a new paradigm of harmony with existence, in which Venice has the key role of forge of the new world.

Francesco Allegretto

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