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April 20 - November 24, 2024


Memo Akten. Boundaries by Vanhaerents Art Collection

Artist: Memo Akten

Curator: Walter Vanhaerents 

Project advisor: Dominique Moulon

Open Wednesday to Monday, closed on Tuesdays

April 20 - November 24:  11 am- 6 pm

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione, Fondamenta Zattere Ai Gesuati, 919A - Google maps link

Admission free

Vaporetto stop: Zattere


The Vanhaerents Art Collection is pleased to announce its exhibition Memo Akten. Boundaries. 

On view from 20 April through 24 November 2024 at the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Visitazione, the exhibition will premiere a new digital video animation by multidisciplinary artist, musician and researcher Memo Akten. Curated by Walter Vanhaerents with the assistance of Dominique Moulon, it is the third major presentation by the Vanhaerents Art Collection in Venice.

Commissioned by the Vanhaerents Art Collection especially for this occasion, Boundaries is a digital animation video with accompanying soundscape, created through the use of generative artificial intelligence and custom code. As indicated by its title, this work revolves around barriers, borders and demarcations; more specifically, it envisions boundaries less as lines of division but more as permeable zones that allow to connect with what lies beyond. Making no a priori distinctions between the things we often perceive as mutually different or incompatible, Boundaries shifts from the molecular to the cosmic and back, elegantly blending visuals that borrow from the everyday and the transcendent, the natural and the virtual, the organic and the inanimate … Adding further layers, its complex meditative soundtrack interweaves various artistic genres and cultural connotations.

Joost Vanhaerents

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