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May 22, 2021 - February 27, 2022


Alice in Doomedland by Fondation Valmont.

With artists Didier Guillon, ISAO and Stephanie Blake, Silvano Rubino.

Curated by Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei

Location: Palazzo Bonvicini, Calle Agnello – Santa Croce 2161A

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Alice in Doomedland is the fruit of a large-scale collaboration between artists Didier Guillon, duo Isao and Stephanie Blake, and Silvano Rubino; and curators Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei. The formers have each produced a unique installation, tailor-made to the majestic space offered by the Palazzo Bonvicini. Another grand installation, collectively conceived by all artists, initiate the exhibition.

This stimulating team effort originated in an inaugural workshop, where all parties met for several days of exchanges over Alice and their respective visions. The curators framed the artists’ readings; they led them through the rife universe of the novel. Regular discussions have further interspersed the creative processes behind each work.

This innovative approach has not hindered the artists’ originality in creativity. All of them productively brought to the table their distinctive perceptions which converged towards a harmonious polyphonic whole but did not blend. Various practices including sound installations, filmic experimentations, imaginative uses of color and smell, the arts of ceramics and illustrations have all enriched one another, in the conception as well as in the final result.

Fondation Valmont precisely promotes this collaborative, inclusive and inviting practice of art. The foundation further commissions the creation of original, bespoke pieces for its many exhibits—it has been the case for Alice in Doomedland, each work being produced on commission. The exhibition thus materializes how spectacular, substantial, and poignant such a total vision of art can turn out to be.

Fondation Valmont has also turned to another trusted collaborator: students by the New-York-based not-for-profit organisation Publicolor have brought to life a famous scene from the original novel as their special contribution to the mix.

Francesco Allegretto

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