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Murano’s millennial history of glass has faced a period of decline over the past two decades, one due mainly to an inability to free itself from a conventional output doomed to repetition.


Today however, an increasing number of contemporary artists and designers are showing interest in glass as an expressive material. This rapprochement between the local culture of glass masters and the global one of contemporary art and design represents an opportunity that Murano cannot afford to lose. What can an artist do who wants to work on Murano? In truth, the only possibility until now has been to choose a glass furnace, and pray that it was the right one. VeniceArtFactory now offers an additional possibility. Thanks to our years of experience on Murano, we can act as consultants to those artists who wish to explore this medium.


What do we do when we are given a project?

- Identify the most suitable glass furnaces from a technical point of view

- Ask for estimates on production of the works

- Discuss them with the artist

- Decide together which solution will guarantee the best quality results at the most affordable price

- In addition, we can put artists in touch with potentially interested galleries and collectors

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