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February 8th - April 19th 2015


LAND(light)SCAPE by Veronica Green + Teresa Almeida.

Location: Veniceinabottle - Castello 1794, 30122 Venice.
Duration: February 8th - April 19th 2015.


A collateral event in association with the project Within Light // Inside Glass. An intersection between art and science transporting the viewer into a fantastical world, and luminescent pate de verre objects creating glowing cityscapes reveal the delicacy of the metropolis.


Without doubt it is the Venetians that pioneered the genre of landscape painting and the exploration of light as a powerful atmospheric element. Light inspires artists to create landscapes that prevail over the human figure, where the earth and disorder dictate the skyline, and the natural environment dominates over rationality and prospective. Through light, symbolic themes, mystic narratives, and historical clues are both revealed and concealed within the canvas as they shift between clarity and obscurity. Through light nature is discovered.


Veronica Green, a young artist originally from New Zealand now located in Venice, uses this concept of light to create works with similar pictorial ideals of great masters such as Giorgione, Bellini, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, and Veronese. Veronica uses intense vibrant colours with touches of fluorescent paint to convey a vision that is rich in cultural references from her own origins. Her works communicates on various levels of interpretation and formal realisation: in daylight nature emerges in a poignant yet deceptive landscape, but in darkness a different scene of dreamy allure develops.


Teresa Almeida also incorporates the concept of landscape into her works, concentrating on the peripheral and degraded metropolis, which is seemingly more pure and less contaminated by the profound nature of the ocean or the earth. She is interested in technology, craft, ecology, sustainability, and design for empowerment and social innovation. It is conceivably for this reason that her sculptures in luminescent pate de verre recall images of abandoned buildings, of stony concrete, or notions of models for futuristic cityscapes in search for environmental sustainability. Similar to the art by Veronica, the works have two states that are altered by light: when illuminated by UV rays, delicate structures appear like fine lace or futuristic architectonic constructions; in the dark, light is shed on a new world.

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