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October 7th - November 3rd 2018

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INTERSEZIONI by Stefania Lucchetta.

Jewellery between design, art + technology.

In collaboration with Venice Design Week 2018.

Location: Magazzino Gallery - Palazzo Contarini Polignac 874, Dorsoduro 30123, Venice.

Opening hours: 11:00 - 19:00.

A dynamic interplay of intersections and planes with perfect and meticulous geometries are transformed into stunning pieces of jewellery in Stefania Lucchetta’s latest exhibition located in the Palazzo Contarini Polignac Gallery. With a special focus on rings and necklaces, the works are reinterpreted as strong and harmonious architectural structures that enter into a playful dialogue with light, shadow, projection, contrast, and colourful reflections. Curated by Valeria Accornero.


The collection is the work of artist and designer Stefania Lucchetta, who will be exhibiting for the first time in Venice with her solo show during Venice Design Week 2018. The exhibition is a visual representation of the artist’s extensive exploration into the poetics of jewellery through technology, which has shaped her artistic output for almost twenty years. She has become a pioneer of using design software and prototyping machines (3D printing) in the creation of new and unique effects alongside more traditional techniques. Stefania Lucchetta states, “What I have done in recent years is to try and bring into fruition various pieces of jewellery that I had in mind, that without new technologies and new materials would not have been feasible.”

Titanium features highly amongst the materials utilised in the collection, a lightweight yet durable material chosen for its strength, resistance to external interferences, and hypoallergenic qualities. Due to these characteristics it is a metal that facilitates and broadens the expressive possibilities of creation, allowing for larger works of jewellery finished with decorative and suggestive colour effects.

The exhibition highlights the path of research and innovation at the intersections of jewellery and worlds such as design, architecture and art. This notion of creative contamination is an important component throughout Stefania Lucchetta’s work, evident in the previous collection entitled ‘Cattedrali’ featuring impressive pieces with an almost transparent quality inspired by Venetian ogival windows. Creativity always goes hand in hand with mechanical and technological evolution, introducing new points of intersection with artisanal skill that open innovative pathways within the creation of contemporary jewellery.

Today it is possible to manufacture titanium thinner than ever before, with the potential to achieve measurements of under three tenths of a millimetre. Reflecting on this, Stefania Lucchetta explains, “I wanted to dedicate a section of the exhibition to those objects that I could not realise when the necessary technologies were still in their infancy, when everything was experimental and uncertain. These pieces are a testimony to the process of creating new and innovative works and the failures that accompany such attempts.”

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