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June 14th 2019 - November 1st 2019



In My Dream I Was in Kuwait from the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre.

Location: Scoletta dell'Arte dei Tiraoro e Battioro, Salizzada San Stae 1980, 30135 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed Monday.

Curators: Francesca Giubilei + Luca Berta.

The exhibition In My Dream I Was Kuwait presents the plurality of artistic practices from six Kuwaiti artists who will be exhibiting their work across two periods, the first from June until August (Amani Al-Thuwaini, Mahmoud Shaker + Zahra Marwan) and the second from September until November (Ahmed Muqeem, Khaled Al-Najdi + Naseer Behbehani).

In My Dream I Was in Kuwait is an exhibition exploring the notion of identity, nation and dreams. The intention is not to provide a portrait of the Kuwaiti art scene, which has often served to satisfy a curiosity inclined towards the 'exotic', rather it seeks to showcase the diversity of various artistic approaches from the participating six Kuwaiti artists. The exhibition attests to the initiatives of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre, with its disciplinary vocation (committed to fine arts and theatre with four museums devoted to natural history, science and Arab-Islamic culture), defining a crucial point of reference in the cultural landscape of Kuwait. It indicates the ambitions of a country in search of a dynamic balance between tradition and innovation politically, economically and creatively. 

The exhibition is part of the Heart of Culture programme consisting of various events and cultural initiatives, including workshops and talks from local and international artists. The six artists exhibiting their work include Amani Al-Thuwaini, Mahmoud Shaker, Zahra Marwan, Ahmed Muqeem, Khaled Al-Najdi and Naseer Behbehani, all of whom are part of the Fine Arts Centre's Artist-in-Residence programme offering artists the opportunity to develop their work and explore new creative ideas. The programme's mission includes fostering a sense of creativity, creating a dialogue and encouraging community engagement across a high-profile artistic platform.

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