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October 14th - November 27th 2016


The Gift of Venice to Sergej Paradjanov by Tatiana Daniliyants.

Location: Veniceinabottle, Castello 1794, 30122 Venice.

Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00, Tuesday to Saturday.

From October 14th to November 27th, 2016 VeniceArtfactory / Veniceinabottle hosts the Russian multi media artist Tatiana Daniliyants, who presents a project which is a tribute to the intellectual Sergej Paradjanov and the city of Venice.

Sergej Paradjanov was a well-known Armenian artist and film director. In Soviet times he was well-known not only in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine but also in Europe, especially in Italy and France by his legendary films “The colour of pomegranate”, “Ashik-Kerib” and others. The films of Sergej Parajanov were shown at a special ‘edition’ of the Venice Biennale dedicated to the artist and dissident. 

A wide range of western critics and film scholars wrote studies of his films. Among them were a number of Venetians. At the time of his first and last visit to Venice in 1988 for Film Festival with his film “Ashik-Kerib”, Sergej Parajanov visited the 'Armenian' island of San Lazzaro and even presented it with one of his collages as a gift. More than once in his conversations and interviews, he stated that he felt a special aesthetic affinity with Venice.

The exhibition The Gifts of Venice to Sergej Paradjanov devotes itself to exploring these moments of his “encounter” with the legendary Italian city ‘on water’. The exhibition includes a sculptured composition from Murano glass and Venetian textile from Bevilacqua Factory symbolising ‘the imagined gifts from Venice to Sergei Paradjanov’, video-film with Venetian Armenians remembering their friend Parajanov (Levon Zekian and Bajkar Sivalzian) and some thematic photo collages where the artist used very experimental approach mixing photo with Murano glass bits and murrinas. 

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