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May 8th 2019 - November 24th 2019

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Diversity for Peace! from Karuizawa New Art Museum.

Location: Procuratie Vecchie 139-153, Piazza San Marco, Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00 every day.

Tickets: Adults €7, students + seniors €5, persons needing special assistance €-, groups of more than 10 €2 discount.

Curators: Koei Shiraishi + Junji Ito.

Karuizawa New Art Museum presents a six-month long exhibition located in the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco during the 58th Venice Biennale. Entitled Diversity for Peace!, the exhibition features young prominent artists from all over the world showcasing their unique styles and diverse artistic approaches in a celebration of creative freedom. Artists include Florentijn Hofman (The Netherlands), Ronald Ventura (The Philippines), Huang Yuxing (China), Miwa Komatsu (Japan), Yang Yongliang (China), Chris Succo (Germany), Fabio Modica (Italy), Æsa Björk (Iceland / Norway), Ryotaro Muramatsu from NAKED (Japan) and Ahhi Choi (Korea / Japan).

Diversity for Peace! seeks to explore the stories behind each artist and their work, fusing art and life as we challenge the notion of normality, hoping to create a hub of local and global exchange by using art to encourage critical though and tolerance. The exhibition will showcase many new commissioned pieces from internationally renowned artists selected from countries across the globe, each bringing their own unique personal experience and cultural background.

Engaging with art is not a solitary act, which is why Diversity for Peace! seeks to act as a catalyst to bring people together through art. Each artist has experienced globalisation in various forms, a process that often focuses on superficial standardisation, threatening cultural diversity. If the artist's role is to express their inner self, then the view must be able to perceive these individualites and appreciate them for what they are.

By following this credo, the exhibition doesn't follow a strict notion of heterogeneity in the selection of works exhibited, rather it celebrates all forms of difference and individual expression. We hope that this notion of acceptance will inspire the world to be united in our celebration of diversity.


We are thankful for the generous support provided by Whitestone Gallery, Fudo Co., Ltd. and NEW ART FINTECH.

© Tatsuya AZUMA

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