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May 9th 2019 - June 30th 2019

LI_DING19 immagine2.jpg


Boundlessness by Sher Ding.

Location: Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Cannaregio 6103a, 30121 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed Tuesday.

The Chinese artist Sher Ding presents Boundlessness, a solo show presented during the 58. Venice Biennale. The exhibition features abstract ink wash paintings that seek to preserve oriental and Chinese symbols through simple yet refined abstract curves in an elegant and profound combination of tradition and emotion. The exhibition is organised and produced in collaboration with We Exhibit.

" Boundlessness is an infinite of possibilities.

Boundlessness is the frontier of physical space and the starting point of the spiritual realm.

Boundlessness is the burning point of ideas and the melting point of cultures.

Boundlessness is a kind of self-confidence and tolerance. 

Boundlessness is the growth of thoughts, communication of emotions and continuation of life.

Boundlessness is a kind of desire and a kind of accumulation.

Boundlessness is a habitual breakthrough and an establishment of patterns.

Boundlessness is coexistence, respect, balance, completion as well as perfection.

Boundlessness is spiritual satisfaction and inner joy. "

- Sher Ding / April 2019


The exhibition is in partnership with We Exhibit.

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