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May 9th - June 25th 2017


Bambi solo show at Veniceinabottle gallery.

Location: Veniceinabottle, Via Garibaldi, Castello 1794, 30122 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, closed on Mondays


VeniceArtFactory is pleased to invite you to Bambi's show at Veniceinabottle. In her first Italian show, British street artist Bambi will be exhibiting her unique stencilled works from May 9th until June 25th. 


In this exclusive pop up, Bambi will be revealing a new Italian-inspired piece that includes the Pope, a gondola and the famed waterways of Venice. Continuing to highlight political and social injustices, Bambi’s Venice piece explores climate change and an awareness of it that extends all the way to the Vatican City. 

In this one-off show, Bambi will also be releasing the first official prints of her internationally acclaimed piece, Lie Lie Land, which features a dancing Theresa May and Donald Trump in the pose made famous by the movie La La Land.


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