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May 8th - November 1st 2017


Atelier Éphémère by Jacques Martinez.

Location: San Marco 2828A, Campo S. Stefano, 30124 San Marco, Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: Open daily by appointment.

VeniceArtFactory invites you to Atelier éphémère, a project by Jacques Martinez during the 57. International Art Biennale of Venice. Artist studio, exhibition space and intellectual salon merge as Atelier éphémère brings together paintings and sculptures from Martinez's artistic path.

The project presents bronze sculptures, including El biar, Vita, Le Faune and new pieces such as Skinny Love and Palmyre, among landscapes and drawings that envelop the visitor in the atmosphere of a true artist's studio.

"If we have always been close to that quote by Goya who told us that "the sleep of reason generates monsters", then we both also know that much separates us from those who dare to speak to "Asphyxiating culture", and we now know that we need to accept to understand what the fool cries without even being able to, wanting to forget what the wise taught us. And it is indeed in this intercourse, in this interplace where things may take the colour of grace or the airs of duende, that our truth is found." - Jacques Martinez.

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