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Giulia Milani


The presence of the human figure is a constant in Giulia Milani (Treviso, 1996) pictorial research, whether it is represented by a face or a forgotten object.
Erotic gestures alternate with modest elements, the individual subject to family portraits.
The juxtaposition of individuality and the family nucleus, of the adult world and of childhood reality follow one another among veils and white spaces.
These subjects mix in the fading of the complexion and in the violence of overlapping brushstrokes, used as a correction.
The difficult reading of faces and sometimes their complete cancellation characterize the identity crisis caused by an introspective analysis.
The research then lies in the harmony of the double meaning of the anatomical elements of the woman and in the ambivalence of the gestures of the infant.

Selected shows

2019, Atelier 12, Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy
2018, Atelier 12, Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy
2018, L'Arte si mostra, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Roma, Italy
2015, Posso dire?, Galleria del Liceo Artistico, Treviso, Italy

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