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Anthony Corner


Anthony Corner is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. He lives and works in London and Oxfordshire.
He was Artist-in-Residence at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and has designed for opera. His work has been exhibited extensively, including in Venice and at the Royal Academy, London, and has been acquired by numerous private collections.

The choice to present his most recent works in Venice in the show titled Lamentation, Flux and an Empty Bladder is certainly not coincidental. In his paintings as well as in the lagoon, you can quickly go from darkness to light, from sordid to beauty, in perpetual comings and goings from one extreme to another. In the mud that emerges from the canals, rather than in the thick fog that prevents you from orienting or in the experience of walking along the dark and narrow alleys, Corner has recognized sensations, smells and atmospheres already experienced. He felt an immediate affinity with the city.

Selected shows

2020, Lamentation, Flux and an Empty Bladder
2019, Filthy Worms and Curtain Walls
2017, The Boy in a Box

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