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Angela Grigolato


Angela Grigolato (Rovigo, 1994) is a young artist interested in the multiple expressions of the photographic medium.
After an academic residency in the cities of Bologna and Rotterdam she deepens the techniques of multimedia capture and reproduction and dedicates herself to research on the meaning of contemporary image. Her artistic research focuses on post-humanist perspectives, her work aims to combine the photographic medium, interpreted in the widest possible way, with the organic world. This happens ranging from digital photography to analogue, sometimes even deconstructing and reconstructing para-photographic media such as the scanner. The sought images are an exploration of surfaces in search of catalyst points, erogenous zones, sensitive places that speak of intimacy, fragility, decay.

She is still one of the artist in residence at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice.

Selected shows

Angela Grigolato has exhibited in Italy and abroad including:
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
Palazzo Magnani, Bologna
MAMbo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bologna
MTN Museo Temporaneo Navile, Bologna
Fondazione Zucchelli, Bologna
Giudecca Art District, Venice

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