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May 8th 2019 - June 4th 2019




Location: Palazzo Papafava, Calle della Racheta, Cannaregio 3764, 30121 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, every day.

Curators: Caroline Wiseman + David Baldry.

ALIVE in the UNIVERSE is presented by Aldeburgh Ideas at the 58. Venice Biennale in the historic Palazzo Papafava. Eileen Haring Woods is the co-producer and Lol Sargent is the technical advisor.

Over the course of the project 28 BIG BANG international artists express how it feels to be alive in the universe through video, performance and installation and over 200 one minute art-films from around the world, adding instant moments of life in the universe. These short films will be screened at Palazzo Papafava throughout the duration of the exhibition. In addition, 28 of the artists including Issam Kourbaj, Sarah Lucas, Nigel Hall RA, Maggi Hambling, Matthew Darbyshire and Ermias Kifleyesus will participate in BIG BANG: every day of the 28 days a different artist makes a big impact, using performance or installation to further explore one of these four themes: LIFE / DEATH, SPACE / TIME, POSITIVE / NEGATIVE FORCES, MYTH / LOGIC.

#aliveintheuniverse hopes to evoke a global response from everyone, reflecting upon what is means to be alive through an Instagram image or short video with a philosophical title. Adding texture to this, there will be haikus and short poetic statements composed by people from all over the world.


The project ALIVE in the UNIVERSE develops from EINSTEIN on ALDEBURGH BEACH, an ongoing fascination with Einstein's examination of life: "A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'universe'," he wrote. "We are all unique participants in one creative universe", says Caroline Wiseman, founder of ALIVE in the UNIVERSE. "Art is a powerful way of expressing our unique creativity, giving each of us a voice, and bonding us as one human race. It is, as Einstein says, "...The expression of the profoundest thought in the simplest way.""


The schedule of artists participating in BIG BANG is as follows:

08.05.2019 Issam Kourbaj with poet Ruth Padel - LIFE

09.05.2019 Charlotte Jarvis with reception sponsored by Fishers Gin - SEX

10.05.2019 Miche Fabre Lewin + Flora Gathorne-Hardy - WATER

11.05.2019 Sarah Lucas + Julia Simmons - DEATH

12.05.2019 Matthew Darbyshire - TECHNOLOGY

13.05.2019 Andrei Costache - LOVE

14.05.2019 Issam Kourbaj, Ruth Philo, Stuart Bowditch, Judy Goldhill, Felicity Faulkner, Jeremy Kidd + Jon Leland - DARK MATTER

15.05.2019 Sharon Kivland - DREAMING

16.05.2019 screening of all one-minute films - MOMENTS of life in the universe

17.05.2019 Nigel Hall, Leo Aylen + Caroline Way with a day of poetry and haiku - WORD

18.05.2019 Andrew Hewish, Caroline Wiseman + Prof. David Berman - TIME

19.05.2019 Bill Jackson - LIGHT / DARK

20.05.2019 Lol Sargent - PROCREATION

21.05.2019 Abigail Lane - OMNI

22.05.2019 Caroline Wright - BREATHE

23.05.2019 Kate Bright - INSIDE / OUTSIDE

24.05.2019 Maggi Hambling + Adam Riches - WAR / PEACE

25.05.2019 Kate Davies + David Moore - SUFFERING / HAPPINESS

26.05.2019 Lynn Dennison - IMAGINE 

27.05.2019 Regine Bartsch - ENERGY

28.05.2019 Eileen Haring Woods - SELF OTHER + Judy Goldhill - COSMIC FORCES

29.05.2019 Ermias Kifleyesus - CONSCIOUSNESS 

30.05.2019 Susan Brinkhurst - TOIL

31.05.2019 Clare Burnett - HOPE

01.06.2019 Jane Watt - LOSS

02.06.2019 Shaun Caton - PSYCHE

03.06.2019 David Baldry - JOURNEY

04.06.2019 Sophie Molins, mmmmm collective + Eileen Haring Woods - BIG BANG

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