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March 21st 2019 - April 22nd 2019 // April 6th 2019 - April 30th 2019

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AKT Eternal Beauty by Barbara Luisi.


21.03.2019 - 22.04.2019 SPARC* Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Campo San Stefano, San Marco 2828a.

06.04.2019 - 30.04.2019 Teatro La Fenice, Campo San Fantin, San Marco 1965.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, every day.

Artist and photographer Barbara Luisi presents her moving collection of photographic works exploring the human body and its relationship with nature. The works will be exhibited in two locations - SPARC* and Teatro La Fenice, with a special event combining music and art on April 6th 17:00 at Teatro La Fenice. Curated by Manuela De Leonardis.

AKT Eternal Beauty presents a unique and moving look at nature and the human body, as beauty becomes the leitmotif of a journey where photography, nature, the body and nudity are combined.


The exhibition recounts the most significant moments from Barbara Luisi's artistic output. Among these are the black and white photos for the Fragility series (2012-2015) where youthful bodies catalyse a vital energy, and also the monumental portraits from the Vita Aeterna series (2015-2017). The exhibition will also showcase intimate works from the series AKT - Ageless Beauty (2017-), in which the ancient olive trees of Puglia and the nude bodies of mature models are put side by side, exploring the close connection between nature, beauty, and the human body.


The works portray a certain vulnerability that challenges the stereotypes of 'controlled' beauty, a fundamentally conformative standard that iterates throughout contemporary society. The photographs therefore encourage us to consider the more profound aspects of beauty beyond superficial aesthetics.

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