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May 18th 2020 - January 31st 2021

Venetian Love locandina.jpeg


Venetian Love from Fondation Valmont.

Location: Palazzo Bonvicini, Calle Agnello, Santa Croce 2161a, 30135 Venice. Google maps link.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00, open every day by appointment calling the number +39 041 805 000 2 

Fondation Valmont presents Venetian Love, an exhibition with works from Didier Guillon, Aristide Najean and Silvano Rubino, in exclusive partnership with Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

“Designing an exhibition in a 16th century Venetian palace that connected different interpretations of universal beauty was no simple thing. A rather loose image inspired by the principle of balance began to emerge and slowly but surely became an obvious choice. The artists and works selected had only to perfect this delicate balance. Between Aristide Najean’s wild chandeliers pulled straight from the Artist’s will to reveal inner emotions, and Silvano Rubino’s immense photos with his invented and essential architecture which create suspended athmosphere, I slipped in with my humble scarred masks.”

Didier Guillon April 2019, Munich

Venetian Love… stages a trio of artists, who decide to curl up in the creation process and open their eyes, hearts and spirits to share love and become better selves. Aristide Najean, Didier Guillon and Silvano Rubino let love transform their creativity into energy for this common performance. A performance driven by the search for blissful aesthetics, nothing less, nothing more. The roots of art, the ultimate ambition.

With his scenography focused around an array of white masks, Didier Guillon explores the notions of new beginnings and endings, choices and passages. Baptised Janus as a tribute to the romain God, his two-faced masks embody past and future opportunities. Aristide Najean’s chandeliers initiate an unedited journey across time, from Marco Polo to the current melting of glaciers… led only by poetry and aesthetics. Murano glass allows the mutation by fire from fantasy to reality, transcends his inspiration, enhances his contradictions. Silvano Rubino worked on a series of large scale digital images called “Parrallel Travels”, modelized in 3D. Empty decors came to life in an enigmatic suspended atmosphere as he added inhabited objects, opening a dialog between past and present in a space filled with key references.

As an homage to the City’s majesty, Didier Guillon adds an additional masterpiece to the exhibition: the movie Death in Venice, by Luchino Visconti. A timeless work of art whose aesthetics come to life in Palazzo Bonvicini on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at 11 am. 

Venetian Love explores different interpretations of aesthetics through various mediums, led by complementary artists who offer their silent dialog to the public. Fondation Valmont’s homage to the city of Venice.

Enjoy the virtual tour:

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