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November 8 - November 24, 2024


Hugo McCloud. New Works

Exhibitors (artists):  Hugo McCloud

Opening hours TBC

Website: Luce Gallery

Admission free

Address: Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Sestiere Dorsoduro, 874

Self-taught with a background in industrial design, McCloud’s practice is unrestricted by classical, academic tenets. He has gravitated toward materials considered by the artist himself as “discarded, disregarded and devalued”, including roofing materials, solder, and single-use plastic bags. Drawing inspiration from the rawness of the urban landscape, McCloud creates rich, large-scale abstract paintings by fusing unconventional industrial materials with traditional pigment and woodblock printing techniques. McCloud’s recent figurative work sees the use of plastic bags as the main character. His investigation into plastic began while traveling in India and seeing multicolor polypropylene plastic sacks everywhere.

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