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March 1st - July 26th, 2022


Biennale Artbox Expo - Globalise the art world by ARTBOX.GROUPS


Artists on show: different international artists

Location: Tana Art Space, Fondamenta della Tana , Castello 2109A

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday (closed on Sundays and Mondays)

11am – 7pm. Free admittance


Instagram: @artboxprojects_official

With the ARTBOX Expos, the Swiss company ARTBOX.GROUPS pursues the goal of creating international platforms that enable emerging artists to present their art to a large audience worldwide!

The ARTBOX.GROUPS was founded in 2015 as a small Swiss family business by the Zenklusen family, which wanted to create initial opportunities for emerging artists with small art exhibitions at the beginning. Over the years, their community of artists has grown and the demand for exhibition possibilities for emerging artists has steadily increased. As a result, the company has grown continuously over the last few years, and small exhibitions in Zurich have now become a global platform with worldwide, large exhibitions and expos for emerging artists from all over the world.

The Biennale Artbox Expo will take place in Venice from March - July 2022 during the Biennale Arte di Venezia in the wonderful Tana Art Space directly at Fondamenta de la Tana 2109A, Venice.

This year's Artbox Expo in Venice embodies the theme "Globalise the art world". On the one hand, the 5-month exhibition will feature various artworks by contemporary emerging artists from around the world that address the theme of globalizing the art world. On the other hand, the exhibition does justice to the theme by actively integrating new technologies that contribute to globalization into the exhibition, such as digitally displayed artworks, virtual reality and the digital presentation of NFT's that describe the impact of internet and blockchain possibilities.

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