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September 14 - November 2, 2024


Between Worlds

Gyongy Laky + Rebecca Taber

Curator: Mima Begovic

Exhibitors (artists):  Gyöngy Laky & Rebecca Taber

Open Wednesday to Monday 

11A.M. - 6 P.M.

Closed on Tuesdays

Website: Gyongy Laky / Rebecca Lee Taber

Admission free

Address: Magazzini Van Axel, Fondamenta Zattere Ai Saloni 47, Dorsoduro

“Between Worlds" examines our relationship with nature and each other, where our paths converge and intersect. Using architectural techniques from textile arts, Laky's sculptures, made from both natural and man-made materials, transcend boundaries and prompt us to consider the challenges of coexistence in today's world. Taber's dreamlike film "Memory Cycle" and paintings evoke memories of home, connecting places and landscapes. Having previously collaborated in 2009 and 2010, these two artists come together to explore differences, critically reflecting on climate, nature, and the interconnected journey of humanity.

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